About Us

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Exmoor Producers started back in 2015 as a business consultation firm founded by Niamh Russell. In 2014, Russell was working as a journalist focused on cross-industry business in Kingston.

Russell is an expert when it comes to different industries including retail, real estate, manufacturing, construction, finance, etc.

She shifted away from her journalism career to start a business investment. Thus, the short story behind the founding of Exmoor Producers.

Humble Beginnings, Small Businesses

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In 2015, Exmoor Producers had only 7 clients and all of them where new businesses in Kingston. Most of them fell under the retail industry. With Russell’s expertise and knowledge, she was able to help all 7 businesses establish a steady monthly cash flow. Only 6 to 9 months in, all businesses were able to gain back their capital.

In 2016, word got out about these businesses and Exmoor Producers became a top player in the business consultancy market. In 2016, Exmoor Producers handled clients engaged in real estate, insurance, construction, telecommunication, and even in marketing.

By December 2016, Exmoor Producers was working for more than 35 businesses in and out of Kingston.

It Is All About Growth

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In 2017, Exmoor Producers expanded its services and entered the field of networking. Russell created a team of business and marketing experts to study the latest trends in particular markets and industries.

We then started helping professionals find new opportunities and build a networking portfolio. It was about connecting providers and professionals. Exmoor Producers doesn’t handpick its networking clients, no matter your profession or background, the firm is always at the ready to lend a hand.

Exmoor partnered with top companies and corporations hosting the biggest business networking events and conferences across the UK.

In the Present

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To date, Exmoor Producers is known for three things, networking possibilities, business growth, and supporting local goods. Our mission became clear, to establish a future wherein many people have financial security and that everyone gets all the opportunities they surely deserve.

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