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Exmoor Producers is looking for talented and adept researchers and writers to join the blog team. You will be reporting directly to our founder Niamh Russell. We are preparing for a major shake-up here in the company as we are planning to expand our reach in additional industries including IT, data security, and financial technology.

So, if you are interested, then here is everything you need to know.

What to write about

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You will be writing under 3 niches, (1) networking opportunities. (2) business growth and promotion, and (3) Exmoor local products. These 3 niches will then be broken down into sub-categories and topics.

You will be tasked to research the latest updates, news, trends, and issues under these topics. You will be working closely with our industry experts to guide you along the way.  

One of the most common issues we want to tackle as of the moment is the automation of networking connections wherein people are turning online to expand their contacts and connections.

The most efficient way to build your network of connections is through face to face interaction. That is what we are used to here in Exmoor. But these days, people are utilizing online tools and platforms like LinkedIn to expand their network and therefore their opportunities as well. We want to hammer it down with this particular topic.

We also want to dissect the integration of modern technology in growing a business that is viable for small businesses and start-ups. In our experience, small businesses and start-ups mainly use modern technology for clerical work, data management, and communication.

Nowadays, they are using several platforms and tools for marketing and business intelligence.

These are just some of the particular topics we want to tackle with your help.

Apply Today

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So, if you are interested in being part of the team, send us your most updated resume at info@exmoor-producers.co.uk right now. Include 3 work samples you’ve written and published. One operation manager, creative director, and founder will assess each application to determine the best individual for the job.

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